I’ll take you to the ends of the world, just keep holding my hand.

Guess who’s going to Venice next week?

Really, who?;)

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Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow… turned 3 today!



Miss you more:)

Impossible! ;)

Nopeee! :3

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Miss you more:)

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Krakow collection;) #me

#me #selfie

Really both funny and sad to observe what a shit is in the heads of the most European and US people about Ukraine…


You just don’t put your country this close to our military bases in the 21st century

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I am thinking about translation of the social network diary of a Russian girl who died after long lasting ED and drug addiction. There are lots of her pictures on tumblr but people who write “She’s perfect” don’t even know that she is dead already. I think I will ask the permission of her sister who recovered to do it.

Sucks to be looking at porn when I should be looking at you *flirty eyes*
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I am thinking about cutting my hair almost all the days.

Minute of hopelessness

Anonymous said: Are you taken?